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The Tasks and Documents screen


Keep track of all your documents, assign them to particular workflows or staff members, and stay compliant with your organisation’s retention policy.


Organisations are required to monitor HR records and store documents within a secure system where they can easily be retrieved to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.  According to the CIPD, it is good practice to establish a document retention policy so that documents are only kept for as long as necessary. The CiviHR Documents module can help with this.

We’ve added a display panel to the Documents homepage so you can see at a glance which documents are due for review and which are outstanding. There’s also the option to search for documents by date or status.

All columns are now sortable; you can filter documents by contact and type, and choose to display records assigned to you or to others. You can specify the documents you need from someone, and add the request to a workflow. The module also allows you to assign documents to other staff members for completion. For example, you could assign the validation of a passport to a new joiner’s manager so that they can take a copy on the first day and upload it to the system. 

Filter Documents

 You can send a request to staff asking them to upload documents from their self-service portal. When a staff member uploads a document, it triggers a notification.  You can then review and approve or reject the uploaded file. For example, new joiners will have a series of tasks to complete as part of the onboarding process, including evidence of their right to work. You can create a task to slot into the new joiner sequence which asks staff to upload a copy of their visa.   

We’ve also updated the Remind Me function. With the Remind Me checkbox enabled, the system creates a reminder around the document with the expiry date set as the due date. A copy of the document is sent to the assignee as a reminder the day before the record is due to expire. Managers can then follow up with relevant staff to renew the document - for example, by uploading a new copy of a visa or passport - or be prompted to delete the record if it is no longer needed.



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