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Away from media, but it certainly calls for an urgent action !!

"यहाँ आता  कौन है ? इतने साल मे राहत की पहली नांव देखी है.." (Who comes here? In all these years this is the first time I have seen a relief boat) says Lorik Manjhi from Dumri, Champaran (Bihar) on seeing us.    While it is an annual reality for millions across India, we hardly hear and talk about this annual disaster. This year too when more than 2 million people are rendered homeless and thousands of villages completely devastated in parts of Assam, West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, U.P and Uttarakhand, the news hasn’t been able to get the headline space.    This is a wide-spread calamity that calls for immediate attention and action from all of us. Goonj is already working in many flood hit areas, reaching relief from our existing resources but the need is much bigger.   A large quantity of specific material like dry ration, utensils, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, good quality solar lamps, torches, ORS, water purifier tablets and monetary contributions (for sanitary pads, essential purchases and most importantly for logistics primarily transportation) is required urgently. For financial contributions, refer-   Please join in our efforts, act and share. To  organise 'Rahat-Floods' campaign in your office, colonies, schools, colleges etc. download poster here and write back to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 26972351, 41401216 for more details. 
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Is my pain not worth talking about?

“Is my pain not worth talking about?” - Voices we are hearing on NJPC - A Million Voices “Menstrual cramps are one of the painful things every woman goes through when they are menstruating. When I was young I used to make a warm water bottle for my sister, when she would be in immense pain during menstruation. But I never knew what my sister was going through; it was always a hush-hush topic. It was something that was not to be discussed. Some kind of policy that we as children couldn’t understand. But what I really didn’t understand was that when it was such a normal thing to happen, then why nobody would discuss it? I want people to talk about it more rather than think of it as something that is supposed to be kept hidden. “ This is the scenario in cities where people are educated, have more exposure.. Imagine what its like in the remote villages? In this continuing silence, women face unimaginable hardships from using anything like sand, ash, rags etc to being secluded from everyone during days of menses. ‘A Million Voices’ campaign is an extension of Goonj's NJPC initiative, aiming to spread awareness at a global level about this basic yet taboo need. We want more people to talk about it to break the taboo and shame around this natural process. Join us and share your voice here -
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Hi I am Neha

Hi I am Neha. When I was born my parents had dreams and aspirations for me. They wanted to educate me and hoped that some day I would bring them out of poverty. Unfortunately, their dreams were shattered when I contracted polio at the age of 3. They lost all hope, and in that grief had to abandon me because they did not have enough money to raise a disabled child. At that time my mother's sister, who herself lived on the street side took my responsibility. Since that day she took care of all my needs, ensured that I attend school and today has even brought me to Ratna Nidhi's mobility camp. With the calipers I received here, I now stand tall and can walk all by myself. The calipers not only help me walk but also prove that my disability will not be an obstacle to a bright educated future.
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From Misery to Dignity

Gulten Shah,a rickshaw puller,was a man in distress till we spotted him.He was neck-deep in debt.More than 50% of what he earned was being taken away as interest over the loan he had taken to cure his ailing old father.There were even months when he had to borrow to pay the interest.He was simply clueless and helpless.First we gave him enough money to come out of the debt-trap and recovered the loan in easy daily installments.Then we gave him another loan to purchase a rickshaw for his younger brother Pawan Shah to ply in the close victinity of the Old Delhi Railway Station.We have also insured them for any eventuality under ‘Alp Nivesh Yojana’ of Bajaj Allianz.Both the brothers work hard and there is a steady flow of income in their family.They pay their daily installments without fail.Both are looking forward to a better future now.
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5 Bibs needs for "Mumbai Marathon" 2014, who run on behalf of Ra foundation.

  Dear Friends, Ra foundation has registered for India's biggest charity event Mumbai Marathon   Ra Foundation facilitates residential school education of children living in vulnerable  situation and currently 22 kids are enrolled in this program. We aim to reach to 50 kids by 2015. This education program can bring about a complete change in the lives of children. Please visit our website to know our children's experiences. & write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your support has always helped us reach to such kids and we look forward to your participation in the Marathon on behalf of Ra Foundation. We have charity bibs available for a contribution of Rs. 7000/- to ensure your participation in either full or half marathon or dream run. All donations receive tax exemption. We will appreciate your response in this regard. Please help us raise funds and join the Marathon to enjoy the event live...  
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