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Our Clients and Partners

We serve various organizations based in India, UK, USA and Canada.

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Software for Non-profits

EasyMIS: Quick Project MIS

Collect multi-site data and generate instant reports. Anytime, anywhere. No more late nights compiling reports for your donors and the Board. No missing spreadsheets after teammates quit.

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CiviHR: Human Resource Data

Maintain a central database of key employee data, documents and contract history. Manage joining, probation, contract renewals, exiting smoothly. Recruit online.

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DonorCare: Fundraising Reports

Generate lists of your first-time and repeat donors, donors who stopped giving after a while, top donors and more. Conduct email marketing campaigns. Build relationships to raise more funds.

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  • From small beginnings our relationship with Drishtant has grown ever stronger, and we now count them as our trusted partners. We hand them difficult problems and they always come back with solutions.
    Andrew TombsZingzing
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CSR Dashboard

We build custom CSR Dashboards for:

Periodic review of social impact outcomes and financials by the Board-level CSR Committee

Generating standardized reports for compliance

Maintaining verifiable social impact data for trend analysis

Preventing loss of data and consequent risk to reputation when employees leave

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